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Celeste created & performed hundreds of AV shows as GalaxC Girl from 2008-2015

Audio/Visual Multimedia
Pioneering Audio/Visual performance, GalaxC Girl is known for performing unique, 1 of a kind, themed-out-just-for-the-particular-event AV sets making every show a new adventure layered in jaw dropping, eye popping thought provoking samples, music and video; totally live mixing and effecting of up to 6 multimedia sources at a time -accomplishing an incredible feat of sounds you can see and visuals you can hear- weaved into a rhythmic, raw barrage of humorous infotainment to inspire expansion for the mind and sweaty meltdown for the dancefloor.
On special occasions, on top of ALL that, GalaxC Girl might add live flute, plug n play video games, circuit bent speak-n-spells, or perhaps just some completely random craziness only for the theme of that show.
GalaxC's AV sets have been setting dancefloors on fire to sold out shows leaving everyone in states of awe and begging for more. 
Besides Live AV performance, headlining clubs to festivals and supporting international acts, GalaxC Girl is a core member of the Wondrous Temple of Boom burner crew, has released original production and remixes on labels Waveform Modulations and Boom One Records and is set to soon release a highly anticipated original flute LP with original visuals. 
GalaxC Girl is on a mission to rock your face off to inner space with crunkadelic 3rd eye candy and floorstomping funkadelic freshness.
 What people are saying about GalaxC Girl Audio/Visual performance:
"Words can't describe".
"It touched me so deeply, I cried".
"It changed my life".
"Next best thing to an acid trip".
"It blew my mind hole, and I wasn't even on anything"
"Most entertaining thing I've ever experienced".
"Next best thing to an acid trip".

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